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Where to Watch True Beauty: Apple TV, Viki, or Netflix

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Are you captivated by the allure of K-dramas that intertwine love, self-discovery, and transformative beauty? “True Beauty” has emerged as a cultural phenomenon that has captured the hearts of viewers around the globe. This South Korean series delves into themes of societal expectations and the journey to self-acceptance, entwining its narrative with the complexities of youth.

As of March 2024, you can enjoy “True Beauty” on Netflix in select areas such as Australia and South Korea. For those in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Australia, Canada, Mexico, and South Korea, Apple TV also offers this show. Amazon Prime Video provides an option to rent or purchase “True Beauty” in various regions including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and India. Additionally, Rakuten Viki makes “True Beauty” accessible, featuring a complimentary tier with advertisements, or you can opt for an ad-free experience with Viki Pass Standard or Viki Pass Plus.

About True Beauty

True Beauty is a heartwarming South Korean romantic comedy-drama series that aired at the end of 2020. The show is an adaptation of the widely celebrated webtoon called “The Secret of Angel (True Beauty)” created by Yaongyi. This K-drama quickly struck a chord with viewers across the globe due to its relatable storyline and charming cast, including Moon Ga Young, Cha Eun Woo, who is also known as a K-pop idol, and Hwang In Yeop.

The narrative catches the viewers’ attention with its engaging depiction of school life, blossoming romances, and the deeper quest for self-acceptance. True Beauty spins a tale around a school student Joo Kyung and her fellow classmate Su Ho as they gradually peel back the layers of their deepest secrets and come to terms with their authentic selves.

This series has been particularly popular among streaming services, specifically Netflix in certain regions including Australia, South Korea, Hong Kong, India, and Malaysia, though it’s notably absent from other platforms like Hulu, Google Play, Prime Video, and HBO. For those looking to catch up on Moon Ga Young’s portrayal of the high school girl dealing with beauty standards, or to follow the rumored triangle romance that has piqued the interest of many, True Beauty can still be experienced through its presence on Rakuten Viki.

Overview of the K-Drama

True Beauty captures the essence of teenage angst and the struggle for acceptance through its central character Lim Ju-kyung, skillfully played by Moon Ga Young. The show comprises a singular season, consisting of 16 episodes, each depicting a day at school filled with both challenges and triumphs. As a school Korean drama, True Beauty isn’t just about the beauty at school or the comic book aesthetics; it digs into the meaningful topics of self-love and battling the unrealistic expectations of societal beauty standards.

Audiences worldwide have witnessed the characters navigating their days at school while the narrative of True Beauty tackles complex themes through a blend of comedy and drama. For those interested, while lag-free streaming is an ideal, it may be necessary to investigate streaming VPNs to maximize streaming capabilities, depending on regional availability or to access popular streaming services for the best experience of True Beauty.

Plot Summary

At the heart of True Beauty lies the captivating story of Lim Ju-kyung, who transforms herself into the belle of the ball at school through her mastery of makeup. As a high school student burdened by her insecurities about her appearance, Ju-kyung decides to reinvent herself as a stunning school girl to sidestep ridicule and rumor mills. However, the deepest secrets come to light when Lee Su-ho, portrayed by the charming Cha Eun-woo, encounters the unadorned Ju-kyung, setting the scene for a sincere and touching narrative.

The series not only charts their budding romance but also navigates the personal growth of each character, especially as the triangle romance spreads and complexities emerge. Helmed by director Kim Sang Hyub, True Beauty has successfully translated the comic book’s ethos onto the screen for viewers to follow along every emotional development in the episodes, ranging from E1 to Episode 16.

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Main Characters

The main characters of True Beauty are not just the cornerstone of the series’ success but also exemplify the diverse personas one may find in a high school setting. Lim Ju-kyung stands at the forefront, with Moon Ga Young delivering a relatable and nuanced performance as a school girl concealing her appearance beneath makeup to fend off bullies.

Cha Eun-woo’s Lee Su-ho offers more than just a love interest; he brings depth to his character who confronts his past while unraveling the protagonist’s secret. Hwang In-yeop’s portrayal of Han Seo-jun adds further intrigue, contributing to the dynamics that ensure the rumor of triangle romance isn’t just a facet but a compelling aspect that drives the plot forward.

Supporting roles, like Park You-na’s Kang Soo-jin and Lim Se-mi’s Lim Hee-kyung, are carefully woven into the storyline, demonstrating the complex web of relationships and societal pressures that are synonymous with the tribulations of school days.

Each character in True Beauty is meticulously crafted to personify the beauty, struggles, and growth that occur within the turbulent yet significant years spent within school walls.

Moon Ga Young and Kim Sang-hyub’s Performances

True Beauty’s alluring narrative and widespread appeal are significantly bolstered by the efforts of Moon Ga Young and Kim Sang-hyub. Moon Ga Young’s transformation into her character, Lim Ju-kyung—a school girl harnessing the power of makeup to navigate the choppy waters of self-image and school life—is both impressive and relatable. Meanwhile, Kim Sang-hyub has masterfully steered the drama’s creation, capturing viewers’ hearts with his directorial prowess and effectively translating a webcomic book’s story onto the screen. Their collaborative synergy has resulted in a drama that is captivating in both its visual storytelling and emotional depth.

Introduction to Moon Ga Young

Moon Ga Young takes center stage in True Beauty, personifying the high school student, Im Joo Kyung, who employs her exceptional makeup abilities to climb the social ladder at school. Her in-depth portrayal addresses the complex dynamics of beauty standards and had led to her winning hearts across the globe. Through this role, Moon Ga Young speaks to the harsh reality many young women face, inspiring conversations about confidence and the societal pressures of appearance. Her performance in True Beauty not only showcases her acting skills but also won her acclaim, such as at the Indonesian Hallyu Fans Choice Awards, and entrenched her as an influential figure in the world of K-dramas.

Introduction to Kim Sang-hyub

Behind True Beauty’s palpable success and smooth storytelling is the director, Kim Sang-hyub. Crafting a visual feast from the comic book, “The Secret of Angel,” he has created a work that resonates with not just fans of the source material but also new audiences. His deft ability to mix humor, drama, and romance, and present it through a high school Korean backdrop, underscores the show’s ambiance. Furthermore, Sang-hyub’s experience comes to the forefront when highlighting nuanced storylines and guiding his cast, which includes K-pop idol Cha Eun Woo, to on-screen success.

Impact of Their Performances on True Beauty’s Popularity

The success of True Beauty can be attributed to a mosaic of factors, with the performances of Moon Ga Young, Kim Sang-hyub’s directorial vision, and the supporting cast, which includes the heart-throb Cha Eun-woo, playing pivotal roles. The drama unfolds the life of a school girl haunted by her deepest secrets of self-image, ingratiating viewers in a familiar emotional struggle and a layered triangle romance. The translation of the beloved Webtoon into the medium of television heightened fan excitement and expectations, all of which were met and exceeded by the delivery of the show’s team. This adaptation’s impact on streaming charts is a testament to the dedication and talent that drives this fan-favorite series.

The Hype around True Beauty’s Triangle Romance

The mesmerizing world of high school dramas takes on a new twist in “True Beauty” as the show delves into an intriguing triangle romance—that of Lim Ju-kyung, Lee Su-ho, and Han Seo-jun. The tension and excitement reach a fever pitch when Lee Su-ho and Seo Jun engage in a highly competitive basketball deathmatch, a metaphorical arena where not only hoops are scored but also subtle advances toward Ju-kyung. Gossip reaches a crescendo as a fierce confrontation over Ju-kyung unfolds in the school cafeteria, giving birth to the rumor of a triangle romance which quickly spreads through the school’s corridors.

As Seo Jun’s demeanor softens into unexpected kindness towards Ju-kyung, Su Ho’s emotions bubble to the surface, leading to a night-time confrontation that adds layers to their tangled affections. The drama reaches a turning point when Su Ho plays the savior, rescuing Ju-kyung from the brink of an exposed secret and unintentionally propelling the triangle romance into the spotlight. Seo Jun’s eagle eyes don’t miss the burgeoning connection between his rivals, hinting at the intricate complexities that drive “True Beauty’s” beloved storyline.

Introduction to the Triangle Romance Plot

“True Beauty” showcases an intricate tapestry of emotions within its core triangle romance plot featuring the central characters—Lim Ju-kyung, the incognito beauty at school; Lee Su-ho, the seemingly indifferent heartthrob; and Han Seo-jun, with a tough exterior that conceals a tender heart. The cafeteria becomes the unlikely stage for their drama’s inciting incident as Ju-kyung unwittingly becomes the object of contention between Su-ho and Seo-jun, igniting gossip about a brewing love triangle.

The High School Festival turns into a battleground with the basketball deathmatch serving as a parallel for their competing affections for Ju-kyung. This highly charged atmosphere showcases the delicate dance of emotions as the trio navigates the complicated dynamics of affection, jealousy, and rivalry, solidifying the triangle romance as a pivotal element of the show.

Rumors and Speculations about the Triangle Romance

The student body is abuzz with the rumor mill working overtime as Su-ho and Seo-jun’s open confrontation over Ju-kyung becomes the hot topic of every conversation in the school’s hallways. Seo Jun’s watchful gaze picks up on the subtle chemistry brewing between Su-ho and Ju-kyung, compounding the whisperings with his newfound gentle treatment of Ju-kyung.

Su-ho’s heroic act of shielding Ju-kyung from public vulnerability not only hints at his deepening feelings but also fuels the speculations of an entangled romance. As rumors swell, the highly anticipated basketball deathmatch at the festival reflects the pulsating heart of the triangle romance, with each dribble and dunk echoing the emotional stakes at play.

Impact of Triangle Romance on Viewers

The triangle romance of “True Beauty” has cast a spell over its audience, ensnaring viewers in its web of emotive complexity. Fans are captivated by the raw and genuine portrayal of a high-stakes love triangle. The drama explores the depth and suspense inherent in such a romantic entanglement, contributing significantly to the show’s allure and resonance.

The emotional engagement viewers feel toward the characters’ intertwined lives is intense, as “True Beauty” offers a scintillating journey through love, friendship, and competitive desire. This narrative arc not only enriches the storyline but is also pivotal in ensuring the show occupies a prime spot on streaming charts and keeps fans fixated on each unfolding episode. The impact of the triangle romance is undeniable, as it spurs viewers to invest emotionally, discuss fervently, and stream relentlessly.

Exploring True Beauty’s School Setting

The vividly portrayed school setting in “True Beauty” extends much beyond the usual classroom antics and hallway whispers. It represents a universe where Lim Ju-kyung, the quintessential school girl, navigates the turbulent waters of high school life. Here, the corridors echo with more than just the sound of lockers slamming; they carry the weight of Ju-kyung’s struggles with bullying over her appearance. The high school backdrop is crucial, not merely as a setting but as a catalyst for self-revelation and character development as students unveil hidden layers of their identity.

The series, drawing inspiration from a beloved web comic, portrays the school as a microcosm where secrets unfold, and erstwhile hidden truths come to light. Characters like Lee Su-ho also add to this enigmatic environment with undisclosed pasts of their own. For Ju-kyung, as well as other characters, the school becomes a ground for confronting personal demons, blossoming friendships, and the birth of first loves. As they wade through these days at school, the show poignantly illustrates the journey of each character towards self-acceptance and the realization of their deepest secrets.

Importance of the School Setting

In “True Beauty,” the school setting serves as much more than the physical space where the story unfolds; it is a dynamic character in its own right. This essential backdrop acts as a mirror to the internal world of the students, reflecting their insecurities and the challenges they face—most notably Ju-kyung’s makeover from an outcast to a beauty icon through the power of makeup. Here, the societal pressures of appearance and beauty are brought to life amidst the school’s locker-lined hallways and bustling cafeterias.

It is within these school walls that crucial relationship dynamics are set into motion. Through daily interactions and intense school events, the students grapple with the challenges of coming-of-age. The high school setting exposes audiences to various facets of growing up, from forming lasting friendships to dealing with the heartache of first love. It enables viewers to witness, firsthand, the characters as they stride towards personal growth and navigate the intricate web of teenage trials and triumphs.

Beauty at School: Fashion and Makeup Trends

At the heart of “True Beauty” is Im Joo Kyung, a high school girl whose mastery of makeup transforms her from the subject of ridicule to the celebrated belle of the school. The drama presents a striking contrast between her previous days at school, shadowed by bullying, and her meteoric rise to fame post-makeover. Lee Su-ho’s awareness of Joo Kyung’s most vulnerable secret — her natural face — creates a poignant plot point, setting “True Beauty” apart in the realm of school Korean dramas.

Fashion and makeup serve as more than mere accessories; they become tools for change, confidence, and, at times, a means to shield oneself from harsh judgments. The series taps into the transformative power of makeup, resonating with viewers who have faced similar struggles with self-image. The themes of self-consciousness and the pursuit of beauty align with the societal obsession with appearances and spark conversations around the authenticity and pressures tied to beauty standards in the school setting.

Relatable School Experiences and Characters

The character of Lim Ju-kyung is a touchstone of relatability for many viewers. Her journey from a young girl, riddled with self-esteem issues due to bullying, to a young woman who learns to embrace her true self, captures the essence of “True Beauty.” Her experiences mirror those of countless students who face similar pressures in their school lives, bringing an authenticity to the narrative that audiences cannot help but empathize with.

Ju-kyung’s story of using her newfound makeup skills to tackle beauty standards and bullying at school highlights the transformative journeys that people often embark upon during their teenage years. Su-ho and Seo-jun are integral to her narrative, representing different facets of high school life and the complexities of young love. “True Beauty” weaves a compelling tale that engages viewers with its authentic depiction of school experiences, personal growth, and the universal quest for acceptance.

True Beauty FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is True Beauty the Television Show?

"True Beauty" is a web comic that centers on a high school girl who uses makeup to dramatically change her looks, navigating the challenges of self-esteem and identity amidst societal beauty standards. Her makeup becomes her armor, leading to complex relationships and a struggle between her true self and her beauty-enhanced persona. This story thoughtfully […]

Where to watch True Beauty on Netflix?

True Beauty, despite its global popularity, is unfortunately unavailable on Netflix in the United States. This is primarily due to licensing and distribution rights, which often restrict the availability of certain shows to specific regions. True Beauty is available on Netflix in some countries, including Australia, India, South Korea, and others.

How many True Beauty books are there?

As of March 2024, there are 18 books in the True Beauty series. The books are available in hardcover and are part of the WEBTOON Unscrolled Graphic Novel series.

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